Saturday, November 5, 2016

Michigan BFRO Outing Produces Some Possible Results

From the youtube channel of LordCryptid:

This is later on Friday night during the UP MI Expedition in 2016. I left a recorder at my camp which became basecamp for the night. We left people there to talk and carry on like normal folks while we sent out teams to scour the area with vehicular mounted thermals, handhelds and teams sent on the roads and into the deeper woods. In years past activity has shifted from the deep forest to the camp area so I made certain we were recording there. We set up laser light displays and played the drums in order to possibly interest our forest quarry. Just after my team "Happy Fun Squirrel" set out we heard that the road team had heard knocking and "monkey-like sounds." We ran there but all activity had stopped. On the way back I seriously thought I saw the Slender Man...Then when my team was about 1200m away from my camp we heard screaming. I called in and then just ran to my camp. The folks there had heard branches snapping and some whoops. But the screams were because two ladies had crossed a dark bridge and something made a loud noise at them and then something was thrown near one of them. We checked out the area later and successfully scared a barred owl. We are not sure what made the initial loud and scary noise nor could we find any objects that had been thrown but considering the fact that this area has had multiple possible Sasquatch sightings, we may have been visited by something big and interested in what we were doing. My friends who were there seem to know what it was...I was just a little too far away...again. Caroline is fearless so it must have been pretty darn scary. Thanks for watching and listening. This was clipped from about one hour and thirty minutes of audio. I cut much of the talking but some had to remain to create continuity. There is one point where the word "Hell" is used so monitor your children accordingly. I made a typo in the film--see if you can spot it. Also, the ladies were heading toward the light near the bathroom...not heading to the bathroom. I should have said toward the light near the bathroom.


  1. Supers, knowers, believers, and decent folks!


  2. What a bunch of morons. Stepping on howls so that the recordings are ruined. Giggling, talking, talking, talking. They are complete morons.