Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Skunk Ape Night Investigation Tactical Briefing

From Tim Fasano:

Kevin and I discuss the plan of action for tonight's night hike. We picked the right area for we had an encounter with something that meant us harm, or was trying to scare us off. They had upset the animals in the area. Then, they threw a tree at us and other objects. They were very aggressive. I should have that video up soon with all the action. Things are happening folks.


  1. Not to worry ,the Florida Skunk Ape is safe from this crew.he'll be chilling while these guys are swatting mosquitos and catching their breath.

  2. Survivorman Bigfoot: Giants of the Forest


    Mentioned is a sinister theory that the military if a vast wooded area have slaughtered sasquatch to save the timber industry...when you consider the amount of people these assholes have killed (9/11) etc it really would not be a surprise.

    1. So Tim, you posted this non evidence video, when you say you have evidence??