Thursday, November 10, 2016

Finding The Boundary Between Legend and Fact

From - Sasquatch: Finding the Boundary Between Legend and Fact:

With the discussion of Sasquatch or “Bigfoot”, it is sometimes hard to discern where the boundary exists between traditional beliefs and legends, and the rudiments of any sort of facts.

What we can discern, however, is that for close to a century in North America alone, there have been ongoing reports of sightings of a creature that similarly blurs the boundaries between man, and some kind of beast. Nothing fitting this description should, or in likelihood can physically exist today, and remain undetected for so long.

Yet, the sightings continue. And, to a frustrating degree, with the recurrence of sightings, a nearly proportional lack of quality photographic or physical evidence seems to have been collected to support the anecdotal eyewitness accounts.

So what, then, are we to make of the troubling notion of the Sasquatch in our culture today? Is the creature long supposed to exist in the remote wilds of the Pacific Northwest merely modern myth involving a “monster”, borrowing perhaps from earlier traditions among Native Americans that featured similar belief in the existence of such creatures?

Part of what makes the ongoing Sasquatch narrative so strange rests upon this juxtaposition between the “old” and the “new.” More specifically, while the notion that such a creature might exist is not accepted by science today, it does not appear to be an entirely modern creation. To the contrary, recent sightings and reports do appear to be the continuation of a much longer-held narrative, existing among the cultures of various Northwestern Indian tribes.

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