Sunday, November 13, 2016

Faces In The Trees - Are They Bigfoot?

Youtube user and bigfoot enthusiast Colorado Bigfoot posted these still images taken from video they have captured, that they believe are faces of bigfoot creatures. Check them out:


  1. The still image that Matt has featured here is really good.

    Here are a couple I found in random RMSO videos:

  2. Of course those are bigfoots, sweetheart.
    There are happy bigfoots everywhere.
    We just need to look.
    They're there.


  3. Absurd.

    Of course he has his own group...

  4. What is this? I'm not interested. That, or money. Done.

  5. It looks like Tim Fasano. Therefore, it is human.

  6. This guy is an idiot. It's pareidolia, not bigfoot. At least he's using a csmera from this century, so he has thst going for him. Wishful thinking doesn't something a fact though.
    Jelly Jaw and the RMSO are morons and Shaw is a liar and a moron. He wouldn't know what bigfoot was even if it tickled his tonsils from behind.
    Shaw is a buffoon. An idiot.
    This stump hunter is no better.

    1. His pics are quite blurry, but there are a couple that are wouldn't know real from fake, because you don't research or have any pics.