Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do Cell Phone Cameras Make Bigfoot Blurry?

The Paranormal Review asks an interesting question; do cell phone cameras and other technology make bigfoot blurry? They put the theory to the test, and the answer might surprise you.


  1. You would have to take a picture pos a Bigfoot with a cell phone, and then a camera to compare the difference right??
    I'm the ONLY researcher that has pictures on BOTH cell phone, and video!
    I can tell you cell phones are awful (Look at REO's footage) and camera's obviously make a difference, but the Creatures are the one's that BLUR the camera's, that's 100% fact, which i have plenty of proof of too!

  2. nonsense. Why do people take cell footage of animals, cars etc .. and it aint blurry

    1. My point exactly, it's THE BIGFOOT BLURRING THE CAMERA!