Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Colorado Bigfoot Makes Massive Jungle Gym Formations

Colorado Bigfoot on youtube goes back into the heart of sasquatch country, and captures some of the most insane and unbelievable tree structures on video. But what else does he capture?


  1. So do I understand that this is Bigfoot's full time job arranging branches into random patterns for no apparent reason? One would think the energy required would be put to better use just acquiring food to stay alive.

    Of course this is natural tree fall. At such a high elevation strong winds would be prevalent knocking down decayed branches and even large trees themselves. One can find fallen crossed branches almost everywhere in nature - it's not that unusual. But I suppose if you want to put that spin on it and you can convince people it's Bigfoot doing it than knock yourself out.

    1. I am "SHOCKED"!! Curious,,,
      of all people,,,
      didin't you know that one can tell if a booger is right handed or left just by twist rotation of the tree limb? and for 50,000yrs native american's
      have been telling stories of THE "BOSS OF THE WOODS"!
      and that's how the boss of the woods SHOWS WHOS BOSS!
      by making "X's" out of sticks,branches,an what not an so forth's
      don't forget occums razor,,
      anyways,,thats one person's

      uno who