Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bigfoot Investigators Get A Shock When They Find Something Blocking Their Exit

From Tim Fasano:

The night before with "Bigfoot Dave" of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, we heard the classic BF whoop coming from west of the camp. Everyone in our group heard it. The next night, something was upsetting the free range cattle, that are usually quit. We would soon find out why. Something had thrown a tree across the road leading back to the camp. (We had walked on that trail one hour earlier, and could have been killed if that had fallen on one of us.) Then, we saw eye shine, and heard loud movement in the woods. Something was there and I have 5 witnesses to that fact.


  1. I'm glad Tim is out wasting his life in the woods. He could be hanging out in bars and restaurants...peeing on the seats of the toilet.