Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bigfoot In The Kentucky Mountains

From the CryptoWatch youtube channel:

Team member Jason Morse finally got a chance to come to my home state of Kentucky and do a little bigfoot researching with me. Jason drove 15 hours of more to be here and spend a couple days in Kentucky. While he was here I took him into one of the areas where there has been known bigfoot activity. We were able to find some pretty good evidence, that I will share in an upcoming video in the next few days. Jason also attended the Bigfoot Seminar in Harlan County and told about his first bigfoot sighting. While we were out hiking, I wanted to get his opinion of the mountains of Kentucky and the terrain.


  1. I love """ME"""!!!! (not you).

  2. Whole lotta nothing happening in this boarding video! And basically that's about how this video cones off to me. But Hell call me bat-shit crazy right?