Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bigfoot and Wildfires

On this episode of My Crypto World, the host talks about bigfoot and the recent wildfires in his area. A lot of bigfoot enthusiasts wonder how the bigfoot react and stay hidden during these type events.


  1. Sasquatch is a phenomena,as described in the book "HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER"!!
    a multidimensional entity,as is Dogman,space aliens ect..
    Sad but true.

    AC collins

    1. Wrong,,bigfoot is a Black woman that was a slave from the ottoman empire!

    2. Do you mean zana the escaped slave that might have been retarded With hypertrichosis?


      LOL,Indeed it was!

    4. Still waiting on an African skull example from the 1800's with Khwit's skull morphology... I guess angry trolling is the next best thing.

    5. Khwit skull is 50% African so your question is as DUMB AS YOUR IQ IS LOW !!
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      AC collins

    6. A Negroid cranium is long in length, narrow in breadth, and low in height. The sagittal contour is flat and the occipital profile is quite rounded. The flatness of the sagittal contour is due to a post-bregmatic depression, a trait that occurs frequently in the Negroid cranium. The Negroid forehead is described as steep, with some sources describing it as rounded. According to studies in the 70's the Negroid cranium exhibits thicker parieto-occipital areas than Caucasoid crama, but nothing as pronounced as paleolithic occipital buns dimensions across a frequency that would determine them an accepted trait. Other features of Negroid skulls are the saggital outline being highly variable, post-bregmatic depression. Nose form is broad. Nasal bone size is medium to small. Nasal profile is straight/concave. Nasal spine is reduced, with the nasal sill being dull or absent. The incisor form is bladed with the facial prognathism extreme, as is the alveolar prognathism. Malar form is reduced and the palatal form parabolic. Orbital form is rounded with the mandible described as gracile and at an oblique gonial angle. Chin projection is reduced with the chin form being median.

      At the rear of a Neanderthal skull, for example, is a minor protrusion called the “occipital bun”. Though seen in very rare examples of anatomically modern humans, it is mostly seen in archaic peoples. The occipital bun was a knot of rounded bone at the back of the Neanderthal skull and may have been an adaptation for the attachment of their massive neck and jaw muscles. Vestiges of the occipital bun were common in early modern European skulls, but are relatively rare among Europeans today.

      Khwit's skull was analysed, naturally his mother had the same, exaggerated features of the following;
      *very wide eye sockets
      *elevated brow ridge
      *pronounced occipital bone
      *bigger all round
      *bigger teeth
      *bigger jaw bone
      ... West African woman from the 1800's don't have these morphological features, if so... Source it, there were loads of these "slaves" remember. We have a collection of archaic traits that are not found in any modern human, nor in any geographical connection to the skull in question. Along with a pronounced occipital bun, aligning with the other ancient morphology of the skull, then there is no chance of the skull being from modern lineage. In the examples listed up top of extra mass in various areas, regardless of there being modern versions of singular instances of these traits, there is still the the fact that this is accompanied by many other archaic features not akin to any example of modern homo sapien skull.

      It's ok F-AC. You're learning chump.

    7. ^ khwit and Brock lesner exhibit almost the same skull morphology ,Khwit & B lesner are both caucasian and thier skulls fit within normal racial perimeters ,,
      khwit is 50% Caucasian that looks 100% ,by portrait and skull !
      once again you fail to answer
      my statment @ 12:57.
      and confirm your low iq,,,,,,
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    8. Sorry try-hard, you don't have a stripped back analysis of Lesner's skull... And by the list of traits that I just posted at 1:24, those aren't "normal racial permeters". In regards to Lesner;

      "These traits are caused by testosterone, which is responsible for bone size/density and muscle mass. Just because your testosterone levels are above average, it doesn't mean you have the neanderthalis traits. If so, your facial bones would look strange. Broad and outwards zygomatic bone(cheek bones), short frontal and parietal bones(forehead, top of skull), wide yet short nose, wide and thick supraorbital(eyebrows) bones and so on. If you have all of these traits, I recommend you to see a doctor."

      ... Why don't you stop crying, and find me a modern Caucasian skull with the aforementioned morphology? Just stick to comments about urine, troll, that's your level.

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