Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Analysis Of Possible Bigfoot Footage

Youtube user Tri Diver takes a look at a piece of possible bigfoot footage submitted by Robert Dodson out of Oklahoma. Dodson wasn't sure if he captured anything on video or not, so he wanted a second opinion. Check it out:


  1. Robert Dodson has been around a very long time,His eyeshine vids are some of the most compelling evidence known to to the bigfoot research community to this date.

    Uno who,,,!

    1. ^ the evidence bar isn`t very high at his age as he can hardly get out of bed now - you do have to admire his persistence though and the wife is glad he`s out of the house.

  2. You spent all that time and went all that way to film a spider,Robert ?

    Well done Robert.

  3. I know bigfoots have all been off on their holidays all summer/fall! So I guess you have to post UTTER SHIT like this

  4. An video. Keep up the stuff.

  5. Yep. That theres one of them there Dogmanspiders. Yep. Thats what it is alright.