Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Closer Look At The Almas

From the Crypto Files comes this episode about the Almas:

In episode 21 of The Crypto Files, we take a look at Almas. The Almas or Alma, Mongolian for "wild man" is much like the Yeti or our American Bigfoot. There is a long history of sightings and tales about Almas. Everything from written sightings to tales of the capture of a Almas. Even though, the creature is not currently recognized or cataloged by science, there is a lot of interest in the subject.


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    1. What about you?

      Vegas the Dog,(aka) Iktomi.

      Wow,and a Sheesh!

  2. I'll take sloppy seconds on Chick!
    You were just the warm up band.

    1. Huh.^ It's all good.packin Heavy Timber and all, !!

  3. More like AllASS. That, or money. Done.