Sunday, October 30, 2016

Update On Halloween Skunk Ape Campout

Tim Fasano is heading up his annual Halloween bigfoot expedition into the wooded swamps of Florida. Fasano posted this video to talk about some of the activity going on.


  1. Apocalyptic strange sound was heard again in Slov…:

    Bigfoot ?


  2. Tam Fisano now qualifies as H O M O

  3. Getting sick and tired of seeing Fascano's face, WITH ZERO PROOF!

    If you really heard a Whoop, why didn't you turn your camera on, and hopefully get another??

    1. 9 years and you never heard a "Whoop?"

      You should have HUNDREDS of pics in 9 years!!

    2. Its not that easy. I'm not Stanley Kubrick you know.

      We're having fun. The food turned out excellent. We've had to send runners into town twice for more refreshments.

      We've only had 2 serious injuries and 3 sets of offended sensibilities so it has been a huge success!

  4. That fat ass taxi driver is ubers best friend. Need to get from A to B? Who more reliable? A normal guy or girl wanting to earn some extra money or a greasy wannabe celebrity? And I mean greasy. That sucker actually has a sheen to him. He's Randy from The Trailer Park Boys greasy. Has anyone here ever stood next to him? Does he smell like he looks? Does he outskunk the skunk ape?