Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Skunk Ape Hunters Experience Something They Can't Explain

From the Trail To Bigfoot team:

After the scream, all the wildlife that we never see, just shifted away from the scream toward us. In this area, we've never experienced that before... ever.


  1. And what?
    Pigs. Somewhere.
    Two sweaty guys who tell each other to shut up then talk and splash immediately afterwards.
    And something that only the guy filming and in fact, kept to himself until the end. They haven't a "stop dead" hand signal so that any sound can be isolated.

    But beyond this dimwittedness, these fools, these irresponsible idiots, are leaving power cells with dangerous chemicals lying around with a bunch of non-biodegradable plastics.
    Arrest these buffoons and charge them with aggravated littering.

    1. Wait, these are the TV nightlife guys that have EVIDENCE, RIGHT??

      You guys lack evidence, and should have a ton by now! More filming of themselves, than any research.