Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Minnesota Man Witnesses Bigfoot Running And Hiding

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

I will be speaking to Phil and Phil was out hunting over 10 years ago in Minnesota when he came across an unknown creature.

Phil says “It was all black and I was shocked how fast it was moving, I have never seen something on two legs run like this thing ran. It ran behind a tree and then came out to look at me”

I will also be speaking to Jacob who was out driving at night with his girlfriend and on the side of the road stood two of these creatures, Jacob says “There was a tall one that stood about 7 feet tall and a smaller one that stood about 5 feet tall. They appeared to have no neck and were proportioned like a football player with shoulder pads on. I was shocked when I saw them.


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  4. These cryptids that have been frightening and fascinating us are a 'sneak preview' of the End of the Age demons that will torment humaity furing the Tribulation. The Book of Joel and the Boo of Revelation in the Bible describes these demons as 'locusts' but they are NOT grasshoppers! These are interdimensional denizens that have come into our world as Satan opens 'portals'. The remaining portals will be opened by the CERN scientists and that is foretold in the ninth chapter of the Book of Revelation.