Thursday, October 6, 2016

Investigator Films Colorado Bigfoot Mega-Structures

Check out the size of these formations and structures! It would take a tremendous amount of strength to make these things, and some of them just don't seem to have a natural explanation.


  1. Define irony:

    The monkey on joes back is a fictional monkey

    1. Steve Spewfarts ridicules, harasses & even stalks online anyone that claims to have a seen a bigfoot. He insists bigfoot is not real & everyone that has claimed to of saw one is crazy, drunk or on drugs. Steve must of been on drugs for this episode of finding bigfoot. In front of the camera all of a sudden Steven is a hardcore believer & has had a bigfoot experience himself. Is Steven lying on National television or is he just lying and harassing all of us?

  2. My my,that shelter ought to keep bigfoot warm and dry - and most importantly,hidden away from prey animals...clever !

    1. Yes, the magic apex predator hard at work, smarter than humans, master of survival in the woods, psychic but can't seem to make pants

  3. Mega-structures. I love it! The lexicon of figbootery is proud. Joining the ranks of hyphenated squatchy things is long overdue. Infra-sound, mind-blasting, tree-peeking, tree-knocking, sclong-dragging. I love it!
    Did I miss any?

  4. Oh man, the stuff I've learned in the last month.

    I now know the nature of a Bigfoot.

    I now know the physicality of a Bigfoot and how they pull all the stuff that they do.

    But------ I learned something very , very funny. When Bigfoots look at a human, you look BLURRY to them, ha ha ha ha ha

    Unless your an ASSHOLE, and then they see you very clearly!!!!

    What this means, if your a jerk, full of evil, your not going to accidentally sneek up on one. If your pure of heart, you are virtually invisible to a sasquatch.

    Yes, they are Neph and demonic. It is in fact what the Bible called a hairy man. There are old Hebrew writings that tell about them.

    Unlike what some might think, Demons have a diversity of nature same as a human. Some are full of rage and anger, while others are total cowards. Yes some have the help of humans, and some of sought to help humans. But it is still a lie. They seek to gain favor in Gods eyes, but it's not happening.

    So, know this. You all are chasing the demonic --------------- Go home and spend time with your family, Do something productive before you get a Demon on yourself and end up like Stewy Ass Crack!

    1. Is this the kind of stuff we can find on the Cryptid Lantern? Isn't that Khat Hansen's site?

      Not interested. Done.

    2. To further Elaborate, when people go out everyday chasing PROOF, YOU ARE CHASING DEMONS.

      When you are telling people you are in communication with Bigfoots, such as Dr. Johnson, you are telepathing with a DEMON. The Dr, is givin over to helping them because he is deceived.

      Many in this field are deceived.

      So far I'm up to four people who have supposedly Talked with them, who are Mormon---Occult and deceived!

      If you've attempted to cast a Demon from your presence, and nothing happened, you better check yourself, and where you think you got your authority from. A false church and doctrine will leave many in the gap.

      Keep in mind my friends, my search for answers turned into a quest to minister in Spiritual warfare. It is beyond Bigfoot.

      My assignment has been giv'in to me!

    3. This is okay Iktomi?Superfriends are you okay with this? Khat, feel like coming out and judging others while feeding his head? All in the name of Bigfoot they turn away from dangerous, delusional behavior

    4. Iktomi and his pals are just a bunch of retards

    5. Don't go putting off my beliefs on Iktomi or the superfriends.

      That is the difference. We can have different beliefs and Ideas and still remain civil and friends. A concept we have never been able to get your demonically infested mind to understand. You can't, because your not in control of your own thoughts or mouth!


      AC collins

    7. Welfare is going to be cut off to you Erik Fart

  5. TK impostor alert

    TK impostor alert

  6. Well. Being a stock broker at Edward jones, who rakes in $100 a week plus commisions, whose wife has abandoned him, and his children have disowned him, and whose house has a serious flea infestation, I feel i am uniquely qualified to speak on the matter.
    But I forgot what I was going to say.
    Wanna see my crawlspace?

    1. No offense but i really don't care about your personal troubles. What I want to know is how much do I have to invest so I can I can:

      1. Travel to Bigfoot conventions
      2. Pick up the next cool statue of Bigfoot sold there
      3. Donate monthly to Nathan Reo.

      I'd rather not met you at your house to discuss this if that's okay.

  7. i watched this whole video and i cant see wtf this idiot is talking about.

    and the comments from his subscribers "oh i can totall see it...oh look at all the bigfoot signs". Wtf are you people smoking?