Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Frog Hunters Spot Yellow-Eyed Bigfoot

There are many different descriptions of bigfoot, but one thing commonly mentioned are their eyes. In this report a couple of frog hunters report crossing paths with bigfoot that had yellow eyes.

“I was camping with my family and went frog catching at a tiny lake with my friends.

There was a lot of trees and tall grass around the lake area. All of a sudden I hear a branch being snapped or broken I looked back and there was a large brown hairy “figure” with long dropping arms and a smaller figure next to it. My friend also heard the sound but did not look back. There was a horrible smell and one of them made a really loud scream.

Nothing like I have ever heard I was able to see the face of both , their eyes were yellowish and they had very large foreheads and their hair was about 5 inches and very dirty knotty.

For the full report, click here.


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    30. Bigfoot witness Charmaine Fraser Interview


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      Now... Sasquatch are archaic humans. What we have in the Humboldt skull is a that of an archaic human. Not only does the skull morphology of what has been widely reported in contemporary eyewitness statements for the past 50 years fit that skull, but there is no known example of modern human skull with those collective archaic traits known to exist in the US, and it is found in a place with rich oral histories of large, hairy, cannibalised tribes.

      (Still with me? You sure?? This is the tenth time now... So try and keep up!)

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      So please don't condescend anyone about logic, or be a hypocrite when it comes to anything a troll does. Being sanctimonious about my actions is, just like the troll up top, a walking contradiction that stoops far lower than the trivial reasons that make you thinks anyone is somehow warranted to abuse people behind anonymity, essentially cowardice.

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      The humbolt skull is robust, but not archaic. If you knew anything about human anatomy or anthropology you would understand why.

      And forget the sightings and reports. Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable, especially in a field dominated by fools and hoaxers. Besides, we have video evidence of the thing. It's called the Patterson Gimlin Film. Perhaps you've heard of it?

      The very things which argue for the legitimacy of Patty are also the very things that show it's not a human, archaic or otherwise. Patty, assuming it's not a clever hoax, clearly branched off the human line before Homo. It's a human relative, but not actually human, archaic or otherwise. The same pre-human characteristics can be seen in the Hoffman footage, but are NOT present in the Humbolt skull.

      We've been over this many many times, but you refuse to pay attention and you refuse to learn anything because you're a gullible "true believer", just like those idiot creationists.

    49. This comment has been removed by the author.

    50. There is not one modern example of skull that matches what we see in the collective archaic traits of the Humboldt skull... not only have far more qualified people than yourself not delivered... But you also have never once in the past, nor in your comment demonstrated just how the skull is not that of a Sasquatch... And it's my anthropological short fall?

      "However, witness testimony can be tested and assessed for reliability. Examples of approaches to testing and assessment include the use of questioning, evidence of corroborating witnesses, documents, video and forensic evidence."

      ... All of which is 100% applicable to the state of evidence for this subject. If eyewitnesses make missidentifications regarding key information of an incident, they rarely make missidentifications of the actual incident. For example, multiple witnesses to a giant hairy human stepping out into the road may make missidentifications regarding weight, height, whether it had hair on its face... But not that the giant hairy human stepped out into the road. And it's a far greater leap of faith to claim that all these reports over hundreds of years (and that's just considering modern European cultures in the US), is the result of misidentification. A leap of religious proportions in fact. So! Are we to believe that for thousands of years, there has been a culture hopping secret society of gorilla suit wearing conspirators all out to get your money? These people, though finding each others customs undesirable, and spanning from a time when they didn't even know what a non-human primate looked like, have in fact managed to cheat the best experts with fake biological species traits that span decades and States, in lottery win fashion too?

      There is NOTHING in Patty's anatomical make-up that cannot be attributed to ancient humans over time. Here's a very simple method of demonstrating just how human Patty is;

      ... And to suggest that something of the sort can't be within the genus homo, and then suggest that anyone else doesn't know the basics of anthropology is seriously embarrassing. And the Hoffman footage is a hoax. There's too many comment sections to count where I've dissected every last angle you can conjure on Patty allegedly not being human, so think about that before starting this. What's more... Is you're not a troll, but just as bad when you focus on my actions as opposed to those which have occurred on this comment section. But you are sore after all... And how could anyone argue against that idea when you're so ready to bring up your scars when the immediate topic has nothing to do with it?

      Bum sore for sure.

    51. You're lying Ikky. Or you're too ignorant to know what you're looking at in the Humbolt specimen.

      Learn some anatomy. Robust is not the same as archaic. I am tired of repeatedly trying to explain this to you. Do you even know what the foramen magnum is?

      Patty's cervical angle and clear lack of a nuchal ligament cannot be attributed to ancient humans. That particular suite of features predates Homo.

      Oh, and that "3D reconstruction" is a joke. There is not enough detail in the PGF to make such a reconstruction. That's an artist's fantasy, not science. Please try to learn the difference.

    52. Do I know what the foramen magnum is? It appears I'm familiar with it (cough, cough), just a little... Remember this?


      In that link, you'll also see that your nuchal ligament query can be attributed to HOMO Neanderthalensis. Aside from the robust jaw, there is a prominent brow ridge, glabellar development, the notably strong nuchal crest, low retreating forehead with post-orbital construction, os inca, divided occipital or interparietal bone, accompanied by generally high sutural complexity with several Wormian bones. The simple fact remains that some singular elements of that archaic morphology do indeed exist in contemporary examples, but not to the highly pronounced and collective frequency as we see in the Humboldt skull. Robust is not the same as archaic. For example;
      "These traits are caused by testosterone, which is responsible for bone size/density and muscle mass. Just because your testosterone levels are above average, it doesn't mean you have the neanderthalis traits. If so, your facial bones would look strange. Broad and outwards zygomatic bone(cheek bones), short frontal and parietal bones(forehead, top of skull), wide yet short nose, wide and thick supraorbital(eyebrows) bones and so on. If you have all of these traits, I recommend you to see a doctor."

      Lastly... Plenty of detail here to draw up an adequate 3D reconstruction;
      ... Open your eyes for once. You'll bury some demons and you won't be so quick to whine about me being able to reference things that I actually know what I'm talking about.

  2. I suppose frog hunters can be forgiven for not collecting a bigfoot specimen. I don't know what is used in hunting frogs, but I doubt it's anything capable of taking down a fully grown bigfoot.

  3. The Wildman Captured on Dartmoor 1948: Dartmoor 1948 - Possible capture - While working as a nurse at the Royal Western Counties Hospital, Devonshire, in 1982, Britain’s leading cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes (of the Center for Fortean Zoology) was told a strange tale by one of the staff doctors who, at the time, was then approaching retirement. According to the doctor, he had been on duty one morning in the winter of 1948 when he received several unusual telephone calls from local officials, and all informing him in a distinctly cryptic manner that a highly dangerous patient, who had been captured on the wilds of Dartmoor, would be brought to the hospital within the hour, requiring specialist care and an isolated room. Within 45 minutes a police van arrived at the hospital and backed up to a side door. Seven policemen jumped out of the vehicle while simultaneously trying to hang on to what the doctor said resembled a hair-covered caveman. The policemen dragged the creature along the hospital corridors and into the already-prepared isolation room. The door was quickly slammed shut behind it. The beast stood slightly over six feet in height and was completely naked, with a heavy brow, a wide nose, and very muscular arms and legs. In addition it was covered with an excessive amount of body hair that enveloped its whole body apart from the palms of its hands, the soles of its feet, and its face, and had a head of long, matted hair. Over the course of the next three days, telephone calls bombarded the hospital from the police, the Lord Lieutenant of the County, and the Home Office in London. Then came the news that the man-beast was being transferred to a secure location in London for examination. Again late at night, the creature was removed from the hospital by the same group of policemen. This time, however, they succeeded in holding the thing down long enough for it to be heavily sedated by the doctor, whereupon it was tied with powerful straps to a stretcher and loaded again into a police wagon with an unidentified doctor in attendance for the journey that lay ahead. Less than 20 minutes after they had arrived, the police departed into the night and the creature was gone forever.


  4. Discovering The Swedish Bigfoot Part 1


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