Sunday, October 30, 2016

Florida Skunk Ape Team Gets Caught


Recently, the Trail To Bigfoot team posted the following video:

While trying to get answers, we get caught.


  1. Ridiculous. As if someone in the group didn't make those noises and take the doll. Absolutely nothing to prove bigfoot as usual. Just stupid totally unproved junk time and again.

    1. No proof, but too much of everything else that warrants the application of a little principle called Occam's Razor. Oh... And considering their are studies published on vocal ranges of "unknown primates" in the US, sounds such as this are not altogether impossible for some of us who aren't ignorant enough to be aware of such.

    2. ^ Occam`s razor ?

      says the man with a beard.

    3. Someone clearly needs to use Google for something other than exploring his body.

    4. These guys are wasting people's time!

      Doing absolutely nothing to prove the species exist.

  2. I like these guys on a personal basis but I no longer watch their videos since they have begun to inject fake drama into their work in lieu of finding evidence.

    Having watched these two approach a creek that was full of archaics and stand there on the bank not seeing anything I decided it was a waste of time. Sorry guys.