Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bigfoot Investigator Captures Paranormal Activity At Haunted Tunnel

From the youtube channel of the SquatchMaster:

Before getting involved with Bigfoot investigations I had gotten interested in the paranormal world. Before any of that...I was a total skeptic of both worlds. It was a trip to visit the allegedly haunted Moonville Tunnel just to see what it looked like that changed my world. After experiencing something I could not explain at Moonville, I figured that if Ghosts were really among us, then why couldn't the Bigfoot be real as well. It wasn't until a group of Ohio Bigfoot Hunters kind of drew me into the Bigfoot World that I began investigating at Salt Fork State Park. My true passion has always been in the paranormal and I have gotten much evidence from Moonville and Salt Fork since.


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    49 years later and no one has proven it to be a hoax! It has stood the test of time!

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