Friday, September 16, 2016

Three Brothers Spot Bigfoot In Alabama

Three brothers from Pine Orchard, Alabama stumble across an area of constant bigfoot activity that would change their lives forever.

When a strange, Bigfoot-like creature was reportedly seen near the Sepulga River in late July, the Acreman brothers said they weren’t surprised.

Going back as far as 2009, they suspected that a Bigfoot-type creature roamed the woods near their home at Pine Orchard, and their suspicions were confirmed when they actually saw the creature in August 2015.

The Acreman brothers – Wesley, Virgil and Roman – said they first heard “vocalizations” from the creature in June 2009 when they lived in a small house on County Road 5, on the Conecuh County side of the highway, between Ramah Church and Monroe County Road 42. In an interview with The Courant last Thursday, brothers Virgil and Wesley, said that, at first, they didn’t know what was making the sounds, but the experienced hunters knew that it was something out of the ordinary.

“I would describe it as a howl or hollering,” Wesley, a 51-year-old minister, said. “It was really loud, and in a deep tone of voice. At first, it was pretty terrifying. We knew it wasn’t any type of coyote or panther.”

Over time, the brothers grew accustomed to the unusual howls and when they attempted to imitate it themselves, they were shocked when the creature seemed to answer back. Virgil, a 44-year-old ambulance worker, said that he believes the creature howls to let others know where it is or maybe to attract a mate.

“It will definitely give you chill bumps,” Virgil said.

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