Friday, September 30, 2016

Spooky Bigfoot Area Recorded On Video

All kinds of strange structures and formations show up in this video that looks like something straight out of the Blair Witch movie. When you watch the video, ask yourself, how did the pine cone get there?


  1. WILD BILL from Mountain Monsters AIMS team said folks need to leave them places alone.

  2. sometimes dogman looking like bigfoots so you thinking that's a bigfoot in the bush but its a dogman

  3. Frosted Forest Sasquatch appears to offer better material than Nathan Reo.

    1. Gee they found trees and bushes - but nothing else - ooh,wait a minute,there`s a sound in the woods - ooh,it`s the pine cone lego-set constructor out in the dark making fools of them.

  4. Wait... Nathan Reo hasn't found bigfoot yet?

    He sure disappeared off the map lately.

  5. corr futt me iss dat a wooo wooo wooo in da woods

    corr futt me

  6. "How did that pine cone get there?" That is the same thing Iktomi Joe's proctologist asked as he performed a rectal removal.

  7. "That's an odd way for something to fall." (Referring to dead tree lying on the ground.)

    Newsflash: The tree fell down. WTF, did you expect it to fall up into the air?