Thursday, September 29, 2016

Multiple Witnesses Share Their Bigfoot Stories

From Bigfoot Hotspot Radio

A listener wrote, she writes “I believe it was June of 1992. My husband and I were trying to watch a lunar eclipse of the moon. At the time we were living in a rural part of Northern Michigan. We had walked down our street to an opening in the tree line to get a better view as the area is a densely wooded area. It was pitch black as we have no street lights on our road. No one was around. As we were waiting I noticed a rant smell, skunk like only 100 times stronger and more rank which I mentioned to my husband. I had a flashlight but never saw a skunk. After a few minutes my husband said we needed to go home, which I didn’t understand but the tone in his voice was my cue to leave. He never said why he wanted to leave. Many years later, after his death In 2014, I have been going through his papers and came across a note he had written eluding to the fact that he had seen a large dark figure standing upright behind a tree on the other side of the street approximately 15 to 20 feet from where I was sitting. He believed it was over 8 feet. He saw eye shine. He was unsure of what it was but felt a sense of fear and was worried about me. The tone in his voice had an urgency I had not heard before. I grew up in Southern California and I’m a city girl, I was always amazed by the wildlife I now found myself living with, but in the 20 years I lived at this location I was never able to walk to the end of my 200 foot driveway at night alone even with a huge flashlight. I always felt a fear that was almost a panic feeling. After this happened my husband told me to carry a small side arm when I went on my daily walks. We were blessed with Windows that allowed for a 300 degree view. Deer everywhere, more than once they would bolt like their lives were in danger. In my husbands career, he was a lineman working in rural settings in Northern California near Bridgeport, he eluded to things being around his crew. When offered a job in the area he declined. He also worked in the foothills of Southern California. I stated he may have encountered something that wasn’t a bear. I wish he was still alive so I could ask him more, but I think he was trying to protect me.”

Alec writes in and says “One night my brother in law and me took off exploring different areas, well we ended up outside Nevada city on a little winding heavily wooded road with lots of bush’s and tundra ,ending up at a camp ground entrance that was closed for the Winter, We continued a mile or so along campground site’s till the last campsite then parked there with the vans back to the lake, anyway I took off right away to the left of the lake were these campsites had ended.

A very large bullfrog was croaking in tall reed’s that went out to a point, It must of been around early September as the Frog’s were still out and it was quite warm, Any way I started very quietly and slowly crouching low approaching the croaking Bull Frog after about 5 minutes of moving very slowly a large hairy creature stood up and ran out of the reed’s were the Frog was and on to a white sandy beach were he stood out in the full moon,with picnic benches aside the creature,hence showing its size in comparison, and off into the woods and up a very steep bushy hill making loads of noise and that’s when my brother in law came over to were I was and heard the creature running up hill threw the bushes.”

Tom writes in and says “Wes my name is Tom from Litchfield NH. I discovered I have these creatures on my property. I have 3.25 acres in rural area with stream running threw. When I realized they where there I did couple stupid things not knowing what I was really dealing with . I’m being targeted. My house is being slapped and if I walk near would line I can hear footsteps following me. I can really use some advice please.