Monday, September 12, 2016

Guest Review of 'Stomping Ground' Bigfoot Horror Movie

This is a guest post from Alex Dunbar over at

Hey folks. I watched Stomping Ground (2014) the other day. I recommend checking it out. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re like me, you feel an unholy duty as a seething Bigfoot nerd to cycle through every Sasquatch movie ever made. It’s all about the bragging rights, right? You know, being able to say that you actually devoted hours of your life to Snowbeast, Boggy Creek 2, or The Untold. Luckily, Stomping Ground is much healthier for your brain. And you know what? I think it’s fairly good.

In the least, we need to appreciate well made Bigfoot movies when we can, so have a watch.

Did you watch it? Alright, let’s talk about it: Stomping Ground is a competently directed, well-acted story of male inadequacy and trust in relationships. And there is a Bigfoot in it too. He lurks from a distance a couple times.

The Good
Stomping Ground is put together really well. I was expecting this to be a true dud, with poorly-recorded, cringe-worthy dialogue; boring, stock camera shots; and camcorder-level resolution. But fear not. Director Dan Riesser cooked up a quality meal right here. The screenplay is solid and funny as hell. I watched this movie a week ago and a few choice lines, namely from the character Jed (Justin Giddings), admiringly float into conversations. No one knows what the hell I’m saying, but it’s all good.

I also enjoyed the significant attention paid to atmosphere. Stomping Ground is ripe with BEAUTIFUL vista shots of North Carolina. You can immediately tell that Riesser lovingly photographed this picture. And in the background we have a soft rambling country guitar score that accents the landscape with perfection. Ahhhh to sleep in a sunny Carolina leaf pile!

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    1. ^ poster child for all of the cement heads!

    2. No that would be MMC, aka Eric

    3. Hey, didn't you stick your toothpick in the shredder? Hardly felt a think huh?

    4. drunk or retarded.....or chick ^^^

    5. You see Joe everywhere, now its Chick? Or MMC? TK? HAHAHAHA!

      Doctor Squatch? How about MKB? Oh boy oh boy.

  2. This movie SUCKS MONKEY ASS. Sorry, dude is desperate.

    1. Just like you on both counts. So amusing!

    2. 698lb's of rumbling texas sweathog ^^^

  3. It DOES show the UWHARRIE National Forest where numerous sightings have occurred. ONLY THING good about this movie

  4. What's this? Some kind of movie about Bigfoot? Doesn't that make about the 247th one made?

    Not interested. Done.

  5. "Male inadequacy"? I think they're beautiful but, no, I don't think about having sex with a Sasquatch.


  6. I wonder who wrote the score for this movie? A lot of people think composers and musicians are gay. Bernard H. wasn't gay. He was a big man. A BIG man. Done.