Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bigfoot Re-Enactment Interrupted by Actual Bigfoot

From the youtube channel of Blayne Tyler:

Sharing a scary but great close encounter that occurred Sept, 2015. While trying to film a re-enactment video of the famous Ape Canyon encounter (1924 Mt. St. Helens WA). I believe an adult Sasquatch approached me on my blind side of a trail around 9am since I've had other encounters in this area. This encounter started shortly after a deer came crashing through the scrub on my right about 20 meters away. Moments later I stopped to take a picture of the same right side of trail and turn down the alert volume on my cell. With my back tuned to the open area (west) something quietly approached me from the opposite left side of trail. Once it was close enough within ten feet? it made a loud long sniffing intake sound from directly behind me and above my head. It then quickly took off running back through the scrub. It happened so fast that it cleared the 30 meter open area in a split second and was in the treeline before I could even turn around. My first worry was a startled bear and I yelled "Hey" in the direction it took off in. I braced for a possible charge/attack with camera put away and knife and mono pod in hands. I waited several minutes and when the attack didn't happen I retreated to my car and regrouped and after a snack went back to the exact area and took footage. The area has many hunting camps and bears are very skittish.

Note: It had a very large nasal cavity to be able to make a long intake of air sound like that. Then it ran away without making crashing sounds in the scrub like bears often do. Also the heavy footfalls thuds sounds couldn't be duplicated even when stomping very hard with my feet (I am 220 lb) in the long grass.


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