Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bigfoot Is The Only Explanation For This

Pennsylvania Sasquatch Research put together this video trailer of some of the findings of their investigations. A full video will be released at a later date, but some of the things they have found already has us scratching our heads.


  1. Replies
    1. I look forward to seeing that those stick things looked very squatchy to me xx

  2. One of the most interesting since long time.

  3. Wind damage, hunters blind, drug growers marking trails. Plenty of logical explinations!

  4. ye, bigfoot is the only explanation

    Theres absolutely no way its human benigs messing around/building shelters for whatever reason they like

    Mo its not that it a 9ft 800pd ape person whose remained hidden since time began!

    wow, what kind of conclusion is this! I understand people have seen something in the woods unusual over the years, that I don't doubt. To say this is a bigfoot structure is why eople ridicule 'squatchers'

  5. I'd motorboat those things all day.

  6. And she lives in cornhole to boot!!