Bigfoot Causes Witness To Run For Their Life

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

I spoke with the witness and he was out in the forest late one night and had an encounter, Here is a small portion of the encounter: "It felt like SUCH a long time just standing there waiting for something to happen. Then I heard a car. It was somewhere behind me. I didn’t even think about it I just remember I turned started running toward the sound of the car. As soon as I turned I saw headlights driving down the canyon road. I remember running so fast I was afraid of tripping on something and I knew that if I fell that… that would be it. I remember kicking my knees up to my chest as I ran to make sure I didn’t trip. Honestly all I thought about when I was running was PLEASE GOD let this car see me. I started yelling at the top of my lungs and bolting towards the car. I’ve never ran faster in my life. I came close to the road but not seeing the hill down towards the road. I completely lost my balance and fell down the hill towards the road. I remember a pop in my collar when I hit the road. I got up just thinking that that thing was right behind me. The car had already driven past but I started running down the road. I knew I had broken something, (my collar bone) I kept running and running praying that thing didn’t come grab me. I never stopped. I finally got a car to pass again and I stopped it. It was a woman and a man. They asked if I was alright. I was so exhausted that I basically collapsed. They took me to the little ranger station. I really just am trying to get this off my chest and hopefully get some closure or something. I don’t know. I just wanted to write in and tell my account cause it sounds like you all take this very seriously and also have had experiences as well. Thank you for your time and I appreciate your professionalism on the show about this.”


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