The Curious Case Of Steller's Sea Ape

A mystery that has left the zoology world baffled. An explorer and naturalist on a trip to what would later be known as North America catalogs his encounter with a creature that defies what we understand about biology. The strange thing is it's the only creature spoken about by Steller that hasn't been proven to exist.


  1. I smell s-hiiiiiiiiiit! It's either the story or Itkomi's breathe.


  2. Well, I was going to make a video but I'm too busy so I'll just blurt it out.

    Its Bigfoot. lol

    First MZ found them in a canal and since I saw that I've found them in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, canals and in the coastal sea.

    Here is a bunch in a stream in various states of being submerged or surfacing for air or just chillin and trying to look like a rock. The big guy in the background was pacing up and down a gravel bar looking for something. You might as well get used to these white skinned types because much more is coming:


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