Sunday, August 21, 2016

Someday A Sasquatch Is Going To Grab This Guy

The most dedicated researcher in all of bigfoot, Robert Dodson, goes even deeper into bigfoot territory. The vast majority of the time he is by himself. Watching his videos, you always expect at any moment a bigfoot to step out and grab him.


  1. Ah... a nice safe video where you can plant your flags and have your little "existence" debate. No threatening evidence to make things uncomfortable, no pesky sightings to avoid.

    Meanwhile, today I found giant humanoids in the Caucasus mountains.

    Be careful to step around this clip because its just really inconvenient for weekend researchers and skeptics alike. Neither can process it. This is for hardcore researchers only:

    I'm not putting a red circle on him because it seems wrong to have to circle a huge white guy with a 15-foot tall face right in the center of the frame lol.

    I have no idea how tall this guy might be. From what I've seen so far around the world I would say that their heads are a bit out of proportion to their body compared to us. Some look like a big round hairy ball with a face and fairly minimal appendages. This guy just looks like a white guy and is relatively easy to recognize so he is the type I will expose first. Some of the other types look pretty odd.

    I've got a long clip of him in production but the camera was waving around so wildly that I have to hand-align the frames and its taking days.

    Now we tune back in to the "does bigfoot exist?" debate. eheh

  2. Someday, someone is going to prove that sasquatches exist.

    I've been waiting for that day since the mid 1970s.

    I don't think it's going to ever happen. I used to think that there was something to the existence of bigfoot, but now I believe that the bigfoot phenomenon is a combination of hoaxes, wishful thinking, and folklore.

    1. And how many consorted, professional expeditions to track Sasquatch have there been since the 1970's? Not that I ever want that to happen, I would rather they be left alone... But there is just too much physical evidence for this to be a matter of hoaxes, wishful thinking, and folklore.

    2. LOL 3:02. It took you how long to come to the realization that Bigfoot is BS? Decades?

      If I would have met you in the 1970s, I could have saved you years of bigfoot hardship and angst.

    3. If you'd have met him in the 70's, you still would have been shredding the same logic and in a perverse state of denial... With far less of a therapy outlet via the Internet though.

      How would you have coped?

  3. The only way this guy is going to find sasquatch is if it grabs him.

  4. Robert has been living in this wilderness since April. This area that he is in is probably 6 miles deep into the the Nat. Forest in SE OK. or at this point he is actually in Arkansas. There is literally 1000's of sq acres of untouched Forest spanning out East almost to Littlerock. I was with him on this same Road back in July and heard definitely a loud man like scream. Anyway, whether it is real or not is to be debated but one thing is for sure....I am about to be trolled.

    1. Matt, you think Robert is the most dedicated researcher?

      Wow, please commit yourself, with Robert ASAP!

      Robert is dedicated to feeding animals, and wasting people's time!

    2. Doc your constant whining and complaining has gotten you Blacklisted.

      Personally I will never view a video you produce and will never click on anything associated with you.

      You are a nabob of negativity.

    3. You comment negative toward me and not Robert Dudson....LOL...Yeah please don't view my evidence, douchebag!

  5. I WAS a skeptic until Dec 2015, I now have photos(taken with my phone), Sasquatch, Bigfoot tracks, structures and some proof of their existence.
    I went to a BFRO meeting and laughed. All these "experts" have been looking for years to find little or nothing.
    They are good speakers though.
    There is something out there, that is smarter and more elusive than we can ever be or imagine.
    I'm trying to figure out if there are alien ties to Bigfoot or if they are some prehistoric human/creature.
    As weird as it may seem, I'm leaning towards the alien theory.
    I.E. no found bones, no real proof, can't get photos on game cameras, batteries in my game cameras keep going dead in a week with no pictures, can see in infrared spectrum, and one of my pics of green glowing eyes at 1:30pm.
    Just because we don't understand it, that doesn't mean it don't exist.
    If I do find one, I will not shoot it, or capture it to let scientists poke and prod and basically torture the poor thing.
    Live in peace