Ohio Resident Observes Dogman Creature

A man in Ohio claims to have gotten a good look at a dogman creature. Cryptozoologynews.com reports:

The man, who provided a full name but asked to remain anonymous, says he was at home talking to his sister when he noticed the creature through the open door.

“We have a big bean field that leads to small woods,” the eyewitness, who claims to work in the food service, told Cryptozoology News. “The neighbor has a pond, I saw movement right past my sister’s head, whose back was against our sliding door leading to our backyard. It went full sprint towards the bean field, scared the hell out of me.”

The man described it as a 6-feet-tall creature covered in “what looked like grey or pink” skin with long ears “like a doberman”. Its body, he said, was “muscular as hell in a full stride”.

For the full article, click here.


  1. Remain Anonymous ? Good idea.

  2. Dogman rules!!!!!
    I can officially tell everyone that in the coming days a dogman corpse will be revealed to the world. It was killed on a small farm in Kentucky and was shot while trying to kill some livestock. It's going to be the biggest news in years. Can't wait!!!!!

    Phil Maglass

    1. Well, they're human so that would be manslaughter or murder if it was planned.

      If you shoot a bigfoot you are going to prison.

  3. What a coincidence that the dogman symposium was just held in Defiance oh!this is to funny because I actually live in Lima Ohio.And I thought my city couldn't get worse then I read this smh lol

    1. Ohio state police and I-75 just south of Lima. A guy has to watch for the bear in the air also


    2. ohio state pd .SUCK COP!!



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