Native American Has Encounter With Huge 9 Foot Tall Bigfoot

From Brenton Sawin's Mysteries To Search:

Steven is a Native American who had a run in with a huge 9ft grey Bigfoot or Sasquatch in Oklahoma. This giant Bigfoot came out of the brush and was very close scaring Steven and his friends pretty bad. He gives us the details of his encounter with Sasquatch and tells us what its looks like and how it felt to be close to one of these monsters of the woods.


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    1. Not much, Chick. Hope you are well and made the move okay. Thanks for saving my seat! Uno!

  2. It is a documented ritual amog native Americans who encounter Bigfoot to immediately drop down to their knees. Bigfoot will then urinate into their mouth to provide blessing for rain and a bountiful harvest. Then Bigfoot will open a portal, grab a blue trash bag, and return to the ninth dimension.

    1. Finally something I can believe on here. Why do you think he urinates instead of giving their face a nice glaze?

    2. 9:38, you should get off the couch and do some research!

    3. Your definition of research is much different from everyone else. The damage you are doing to the field is really unfortunate. Blundering around touting non-imagery is unhelpful.

  3. He definitely doesn't help this field.hes nuttier than peanut butter!


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