Monday, August 8, 2016

Couple Catches Bigfoot Crossing The Road


Large hairy figure walking upright
Fresno County, California, 2014: “My wife and I were driving at about 9:30 p.m. Between Grant Grove and Cherry Gap on highway 180, when we came around a corner and our headlights lit up the straight away and next corner about 100 yards away and at the next corner we saw a large hairy figure walking upright as it stepped onto the road at an angle towards us and it took large strides and crossed the road and went down the embankment. It was very tall with dark hair. I have other observations about the sighting but I was afraid I couldn’t get it all done in the allotted time.”

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bob Collier:

On 05/16/15 at approx. 9:45 PM I conducted an interview with the witness by telephone. The witness is fifty years old where he is employed as a building inspector and lives locally in the central California area. He is also an avid outdoorsman and hunter. The witness stated in July 2014 (unknown day) at approx. 9:30 in the evening he and his wife were driving to Hume Lake California to meet some friends for an overnight trip. The witness was driving a four door Saturn compact vehicle, where his wife was seated in the front passenger seat. The witness and his wife were driving on the two lane mountain highway 180 near a Cherry Gap. As they turned on a right hand corner area of the highway, the vehicle headlights illuminated two figures walking down the right hand hillside approaching highway 180. The witness stated the figures were approx. 100-150 yards ahead of them. This observation of the figures caused the witness to slow his vehicle, because he did not expect to see anyone out on the road at this time of night.

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  1. Another in a long line of entirely unsubstantiated Bigfoot stories.

    I want to believe that they exist, but I need proof.

    1. Too bad ikdumi can't supply the proof you need!

    2. ^ He never will..he`s here for the "social" interaction.

  2. Matt won't run videos that offer evidence.