Friday, July 29, 2016

Woman Terrified Of Bigfoot Taking Fruit In Her Orchard

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:

Kim had a Bigfoot or Sasquatch problem in the 70's on the property. The Sasquatch or several were picking apples and pears, black berries and other fruits in our orchards. This was getting close and right up on our house. Kim's mom was scared and would not sleep in her room due to the scratching and brushing on the walls of her room outside. Kim also tells of some UFO activity too and this is just something you have to hear from Kim.


  1. He's coming for Kim's mom's fruit next

    Wink wink

  2. Why doesn't she just shoot the damn thing and become famous?

    1. ..Because the aliens supplied the bigfoot with an invisible force field..You should posit as an axiom that this story is true, then apply that axiom to the lack of discovery and wella: Force Field!

    2. Yes, and then we can goad iktomi into a argument where his only defense would to use your Force Field theory,that you just fabrcated,,,HAA HAAA HAAAA HA LOL,, TOO EASY!!