Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Six Most Believable Bigfoot Sightings

Here's a countdown video taking a look at the 6 most believable bigfoot sightings.


  1. Six "most believable" sightings?

    Utter rubbish and the usual crappy "sightings" are shown again.

    It comes as a sad day when all that is available is this rubbish .. and attempts to provide proof and bolster the flagging bigfoot world with these ancient crap clips.

    1. ^^^ look,

      It not the videos fault that you are fat and ugly and smelly

      Drink a beer and take a shower and get off this site and you will feel better

  2. Next time find a guy who believes in Sasquatch to narrate the clip. On the fence types will find it hard to consider these to be legit if the narrator laughs and makes fun of the tremendous amounts of real field researchers!