Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stories Of Encounters With Strange Creatures

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:

Jim is an author and is coming to share some interesting stories about Bigfoot, Dogman and sea creatures. We talk about the Dogman killing a gator and the Bigfoot playing with a kid along with the ancient times stories that are interesting.



    Immediate openings for the following positions.

    Believers, Trolls, Skeptics and Anouns.

    All shifts available !

    Advancement Opportunities

    Candidates must be a quick learner, team player and have basic computer skills.

    Apply online at

    1. Well, I can't be a troll because they are far too dedicated. I can't be a skeptic because that requires full time denial. I'm terrible with computers and a slow learner... How about I make senseless sexual comments all day that no one else understands?

    2. Whew! I wasn't sure because I thought you guys already had one of those.
      Can you direct me to the employee washroom so I can write love letters to Joe on the stall?

    3. We ain't picky...

      Down the hall, third door on the left. Turn off the lights when you're done scribbling.

      Welcome to our team.

    4. Help wanted???

      Come on clive. This is what happens to any company with bad management.

      I had a personal e-mail conversation with shawn two years ago and told him this exact thing would happen.

      He sided with the freaks, instead of the folks! He nursed people for a lot of information, but couldn't handle the attention, and many, many, many, times took bad advise from several different people, a lot of which you no longer see around here either, ha ha ha ha.

      he should have cleaned out the filth, most of them have failed anyway and are no-longer viable contributors. While the salt-folks just keep bring the encounters----- huh?

      These things are not 100% physical------- 100% percent of the time ----- boo!

  2. Does anybody think that bigfoot sightings might just be bears. Seems like the most obvious thing. Is Dr Squelch a real doctor? Does this site only have 7 people who post on it and 5 of them are Itkomi?

    Cracker Jack

    1. Iktomi = man with pants around ankles.