Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rare Interview: Rene Dahinden and Dr. Donald Grieve Part 1

From the Sasquatch Archive is a rare interview between Rene Dahinden and Dr. Donald Grieve.

RenĂ© Dahinden Interviewing Dr. Donald Grieve—Part 1 of 2

Dr. Donald Grieve was Professor of Biomechanics at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London and then at University College London. He was a member of the International Society of Biomechanics for many years and served on its committee, including as chair of the honours committee.

His research in occupational biomechanics and ergonomics concentrated on seeking to apply the laws of physics to the human body as a whole when exerting force.

On Friday, September 18, 2009, Dr. Grieve passed away at the age of 78. He had had a stroke in 2006, from which he never fully recovered.

Throughout his life, he was respected among his colleagues and contemporaries as a leader in the study of biomechanics.

Sasquatch researcher René Dahinden traveled to Europe in December of 1971. He met with Dr. Grieve and showed him the Patterson/Gimlin film. Grieve studied the film at length and made some very interesting and intriguing conclusions.

Thankfully, Dahinden had the foresight to record his meeting with Grieve. For the first time ever, the audio from this meeting is available to the public.

It must be stated that without John Green’s tenacity in archiving materials such as the Grieve interview, some of these old audio clips would be lost forever. So, gratitude is extended to John Green (1927–2016) for his life-long and tireless efforts.


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    1. This series of old interviews is most excellent.

      More quality, not quantity please.

    2. looks like the bigfoot iktomi (joe f).
      NAZI IS on patrol!

    3. yea Joe(wind between the ears)

      LOL :-))

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    We know they exist. We have "DNA samples recovered from feces also reaffirmed the classification of these apes " (Wiki) Also of note is that "In June 2006, British Science Weekly reported that Cleve Hicks and colleagues from the University of Amsterdam had completed a year-long hunt for these apes during which they were able to observe the creatures a total of 20 full hours." (wiki).

    This is what happens when you are dealing with creatures that actually exist. You can actually observe them and collect verifiable evidence. For some reason, bigfoot research yields no tangible results.

    The wiki article also notes that once the civil war in the area was over, it did not take that long to observe and classify the apes. Picnic grounds in semi rural America are hardly comparable. Why is it that bigfooters come up empty handed every single time? It's almost as if the animal does not exist.


    2. Lol the one comment that shuts joe up. Simply no rebuttle.

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