Man Watches As Bigfoot Attacks Cat In California


A man in Monterey County on Tuesday said he saw an ape-like animal and that it tried to attack his cat.

David, a 35-year-old general contractor from Salinas claims the creature has been messing with his property since June and there is a group of them.

“They threw an object against my greenhouse,” David told Cryptozoology News. “Then they threw another object against the workshop.”

Reportedly, the man heard a growl as it “tried to attack” one of his pets.

“The big male tried to get my cat,” he said. “I heard it from the house.”

A few minutes later, David explains, one of his motion alarms went off. It was then that he decided to find out the source of the ruckus.

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  1. Why don't these people ever just shoot the thing?

    1. Not a good idea with all the hoaxing going on, and with it being so human-like.

    2. The vast majority of the peeps aren't killers. These creatures are awe inspiring to say the least


    3. Hey mate, I have something in my knickers that's "awe inspiring to say the least" !


    4. ^^^ what ?

      I deformed Delores


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