Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Investigator Tests New Theory: Do Bigfoot Like BBQ Chicken?

Who would haul a complete charcoal grill out into the middle of the woods, and grill up some bbq chicken just to see if it would attract a bigfoot? If you guessed Robert Dodson, you would be correct.


  1. Pwned like mulder in the dark

  2. What a TOTAL JOKE this Dudson is! If you filmed a "Juvenile Sasquatch" wouldn't you be out filming the bushes for more??

    You wouldn't go private like a sissy girl, and you wouldn't be riding around with chicken, feeding the animals.

    Leave the Bigfoot community Dudson, you're an obvious JOKE!

  3. I'm all for HONEST researchers, who don't waste my time....I hope you find EVIDENCE and prove me wrong Robert!

  4. "Private" seems to have lasted about a day.