Friday, July 29, 2016

Hunter Comes Face To Face With A Sasquatch

From the youtube channel of Sasquatch Chronicles:

I will be speaking to Hunter who was face to face with a Sasquatch. Hunter says “My window was about 7 feet off of the ground and my bed is right next to the window. As I was in bed I had this feeling of something watching me. I looked over and we were inches from each other, separated by glass. The eyes had a reddish color to them and it’s expression never changed, it just had a blank stare. The only thing moving was the creatures eyes looking me over. I thought a gorilla was loose but the more I stared at this creature in fear the more I realized, this was no gorilla. I can give you a very clear description of the face, eyes, ears, mouth and even what little of a neck it had. This thing was huge! I thought these things were in the Pacific Northwest but not Ohio!” I will also be speaking to another witness who had an encounter with a Devil Dog (Dogman). He says “I writing cause I heard your interview you did with Chris Jerchio. Now I would not call my self a huge believer of Sasquatch but I was more curious than anything so I gave it a listen. But when you started talking about the “devil dog” it struck a cord."


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  2. But why is the picture of a dogman if it was a squatch I. Wonder?hmmmm..

    1. Khat !! try not to concern yourself with "WHY" ,,
      Just know that ,Any trash talk directed towards you will result in the perpetrator gettin ,,,,,,

      ,,,"CORN HOLED",,,,,

      Y'ALL DIGG???

    2. Joe would definitely be interested.


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