News Report On Werewolf Type Creature In Mississippi

There's a lot of strange things seen around Taylor, Mississippi. One of which is a Rougarou, or dogman type creature that got so much attention it was on the news. Check it out:


  1. Replies
    1. All i wanna do is chill with Joe Joe
      And then hit the fool twice with me fo fo.
      Then im gonna dumpster dive
      Make him squirm and make him cry
      Yeah UHHHHHHH

      And when i finally see him
      Im gonna give it to him on his chin
      Yeah pin stripe down that fat face
      Gonna Joerg him hard
      Win the race.


  2. I can see it now... Big game hunters lining up with mega cash to go on safari for some wild form of engineered creature. It reminds me of those old 50's black and white monster movies. Giant ants, Gillman or maybe a Cyclops. Shiver me timbers that's spooky!:) Who knows maybe that's what people are seeing NOW. Tee Hee Ricky will be sleeping with his head under the covers tonight:)

    It's just me,

    1. I bet there will be another dude under the covers with you, freak.

    2. Don't let them get you down Ricky. Your entitled to your share of happiness and deserve good things because your good enough, your smart enough and dogmanit - people like you!

  3. Amber Mattocks made a Rougarou swell-up in my trousers.


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