Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Breakdown Video Of Controversial Bigfoot Footage

In Bigfoot, Bear, Or Hoax, youtuber Tri diver takes a closer look at the controversial bigfoot footage produced by TimberGiantBigfoot on youtube. Check it out:


  1. It's odd how Bigfoot is the only fringe topic where its "skeptics" are more DEMENTED and obsessed than its "believers".

    1. ^ enjoy's a heeping mouthful of love gravy any chance he gets

  2. I think Timbergiantbigfoot did film BF even if his camera work was pretty inexplicable during the capture. Definitely appreciate his work.

    When I watch his videos, however, I don't see the large number of BF I see in videos captured further south. He is researching in boreal forest which has game, water and low cover but it isn't really a temperate forest. I think BF is there but perhaps not as numerous as Florida, southern Alabama and southern Louisiana, which are all in something called the "temperate survival zone" that did not freeze up in the last ice age.

  3. I like to smoke dope and drink shots of whiskey while watching bigfoot footage. The more dope I smoke and the more alcohol I drink, the more real the bigfoot seems in the clip (and there are more of them too).

  4. A nut breaking sound is fairly unique and is easily to identify in the forest. Perform your own analysis. Go out to your shop, unzip your pants and place your nuts on your wood workbench. Now smack them with a large round rubber hammer. Do you hear that blood curdling scream? Fairly unique isn't it? Now next time you hear that fairly unique scream, you will know for certain that it is the sound of nuts being broken.