Friday, June 17, 2016

More Footage From Where Possible Juvenile Bigfoot Was Filmed

Robert Dodson returns to the location where he captured a possible juvenile sasquatch on video. There's bigfoot in those woods. Did he strike gold again? Check out the video, and if you see anything, contact him on youtube.



  2. Unwatchable due to not enough wild camera waving and the foreign language dialog with no subtitles.

  3. I have to ask - is this Dodson guy a spoof or satire? Yesterday I seen a photo supposedly sent to him by someone who had taken it from one of his videos. It wasn't the best photo however it was better than the usual blobsquatch photos submitted. My suspicions were immediately aroused (have fun with that one Joe) when he simply didn't show the video it was supposedly taken from. Shouldn't be too hard to time-mark the spot where it appears and let us all judge for ourselves. In this video he just returns to the spot where it was supposedly filmed which really tells us nothing. Now of course someone could be having fun with him (which I suspect) and just photo-shopped an image and passed it on to him. If this Dodson guy is legit and truly trying to get evidence of Bigfoot then I just have to say this is pretty sad and pathetic as he seems to be a little off in the head.

    What amazes me is he seems to have lots of followers on YouTube but I can't tell if they are serious or just having fun with him. One commenter spots a face on this recent video at 6:42 but it is pointed out the video only goes to 5:10. Others point out seeing things at 4 different spots in the video. I tried squinting my eyes to make out what they were describing and that didn't even help. Pareidolia at it's best. Maybe it's all in good fun and the joke is on me.

    It's junk like this that has really helped turning me into a disbeliever. I would like to believe but all I ever see here is the same old arguments and videos which contribute nothing. Still it's entertaining and I have to admit I am fascinated by the psychological aspects of it.

    Yeah - I know ... too much reading.

  4. Anyone who shoots two clips at two different times is a bigfoot BSer.

    Some people search for decades and never have a sighting. Anyone who tells you that they have had multiple sightings, let alone footage, is giving you a line of BS.

    This is how I know the Freeman footage is fake. That was one of two "bigfoot" films that Freeman shot.