Missouri Woman Talks About Her Terrifying Encounters With Dogman

From the Dogman Diaries youtube channel:

Hi everyone my name is Danielle Steadman and I am the host of Dogman Diaries. I welcome and thank you all for listening to my premiere episode. I also want to apologize for it being late. I still have much to learn and I am not very "techie".


  1. Doesn't all this talk about Dogman cheapen Bigfoot? Hell, Dr. Squat could show his pictures of Pigmen and Batmen (not kidding).

    1. This whole thing is bringing back childhood nightmares of a movie called The Island of Dr. Moreau ! I booped my britches watching that one... Say it ain't so mommy! Tee Hee WHAT IS THE LAW ! The mad doctor tried to train the hybrid human monsters to follow some crazy version of his laws. It didn't work out so well. My goose bumps are already flying south for the winter ! Ooh la la somebody please change the subject around here.:)

      It's just me,

    2. DAWGMAN and them 411 folks - make U think .... 411 ...

    3. The only thing that cheapens Bigfoot, is YOUR LACK OF RESEARCH 12:25!
      And of course Robert Dodson's lack of research!


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