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Man Finds Fossilized Bigfoot Skull - Guest Post By Alex Dunbar

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Bigfoot-faced Rock Unearthed


Ogden Canyon, Utah is a fortuitous place for Todd May. The retired private investigator encountered ape-like creatures on two different occasions in this rocky landscape, and collected a bizarre relic—a supposed skull— that might prove the creatures’ existence in the area for thousands of years.

What did Todd May Find?
In 2011 Todd witnessed a black, silky-haired biped walking among the bushes around the mouth of the canyon. He was “kicked back, enjoying the hot springs” of the dark, scenic venue when a shadowy being emerged from the foliage. He instinctively thought the creature was a gorilla, but quickly realized it may very well be something completely different: Sasquatch.

Todd was electrified by the encounter. He began habitual hikes through the canyon to search for evidence. Two years later on a fossil/evidence mission, he noticed something peculiar in the sand and unearthed a bizarre bowling ball-sized rock. With a desperate glare he flipped the rock over to reveal a face all its own staring right back at him.

What does the Skull Look Like?
This potential Bigfoot skull is quite massive, tipping in at 70 pounds. The forehead is broad and pronounced and the nose is wide and flat. Something of a jawline appears at the bottom of the Bigfoot skull, but is ambiguous and lumpy. It kind of looks like someone ran over Kirk Douglas's face with a steamroller. Todd is particularly vexed by the face, as it strongly resembles the same creature he witnessed before the find. Shortly after the discovery he experienced another encounter with a similar looking creature.

What is Petrification?
Todd believes that this is no doubt a petrified Bigfoot skull. Petrification occurs when organic material converts into minerals over time. There are several different kinds of petrification. Petrified wood and dinosaur bones typically harden via a type of petrification called permineralization. We should assume that Todd's Bigfoot skull was also transformed by this lengthy process. If Todd's discovery is real, mineral deposits filled the pores of the dead Bigfoot via water and formed an internal crystal cast of the head. Hardened material replaces organic tissue until the core space, or lumen, is fully crystallized. Unfortunately, Todd’s find resembles more of a head than a skull. A head, complete with nose, eyelids, and mouth, would not survive petrification. If it were a true skull, cavities for the eye sockets, mouth, and nose would be found.

Paleontologist and director/curator of paleontology at Utah State University's Eastern Prehistoric Museum Kenneth Carpenter believes the Bigfoot skull is nothing more than a uniquely weathered rock. Though somewhat captivating, he believes that many important features are absent from the rock that would help him believe it was actually a skull. According to Carpenter, "the object looks more like a head than a skull. When a human head starts to decompose, the first areas to go are those soft tissue high in water, namely the eyes. Thus, even if the eyelids are closed, the eye socket is seen as a collapse of the eyelid into the socket." The lack of definition and structure in the amorphous Bigfoot skull are also red flags. "Bone when it fossilizes still retains its structure, even at the microscopic level. ... IF this were a fossilized skull, then knocking a chip off should reveal bone structure inside."

As it goes, one of the most common practices a geologist performs regularly is informing overzealous fossil-hunters that the moon rock or Bigfoot skull they are holding is nothing more than an odd lump of whatever. Typically, there is always a dull way to explain the perceived 'exotic' find.

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    1. Someone thought that was a fossilized Sasquatch skull? Ha!

    2. ^ It is and unless you can prove otherwise the skull stands as proof of bigfoot.


    3. nice try fake Joe. That stone is a good likeness of Dmaker


  2. Complete nonsense. This is the kind of rubbish (alongside "blur-squatch" or "clear bigfoot face hidden in the leaves" type videos ) that really hurt serious bigfoot research.

    1. Yeah. If it weren't for those things, Bigfoot wouldn't be a just a fringe topic.

    2. Yeah why are these things always blurry? Can't they get Stanley Kubrick or someone to get us a clear shot?

      When I go to the movie theater those are always in focus. Please go back into the field and get some clear footage thanks a bunch.

  3. Dim wood apes be on the move

  4. This story has been around for a year. It is a rock. Move on please instead of this horrible "rehash"

  5. This is a joke, right?

    This is an Onion story, right?

  6. Man find solidified lava bulb and is so desperate to finally be somebody, that he puts a video on Youtube, claiming that it is a fossilized Bigfoot skull. Truth is stranger than fiction.