Florida Bigfoot Hunter Claims They Were Zapped By Sasquatch

From the Florida Sasquatch Encounters youtube channel:

This is where the knocks came from. YOU WILL SEE IN THE COMING VIDEOS ONE OF THE SASQUATCH THAT WAS WOOD KNOCKING AND THAT POSSIBLE ZAPPED ME!!! As you can see the video becomes very shaky when spanned to certain parts of the forest. I also become physically affected. I instantly became sick and had to use the bathroom IMMEDIATELY! I almost didn't make it to the restroom. My stomache was in knots and i had to defecate. I didn't say anything on this film because it was embarrassing. Also, I had a headache and nausea afterwards. I then slept for almost 24 hours??? As I made my way to the facilities, I heard 3 knocks? Were they letting their clan members know I was leaving and or headed their way??? Thanks to help, I am putting together this experience. Watch the next video. The forest came alive with wood knocks.


  1. "Zapped" oh boy what a doozy.

    When a once skeptical researcher such as merchant goes full blown "dr johnson" paranormal, is that implicit acknowledgement that bigfoot does not exist?

    1. Dear Mr. Anonymous,

      No, I don't think it renders the whole field illegitimate. It does harm the personal reputation of those making paranormal claims if its pure speculation.

      The one guy I listen to on the BF subject isn't inclined to believe any of the paranormal stuff but I did see him simultaneously become ill and 3 fresh sets of batteries fail then his $12,000 camera glitched for a few minutes with sort of twitchy motion. Just the one time though.

      Nothing anxiety and hot or cold conditions can't explain but I'm reserving judgement.

    2. Hey mate, a certain part of my body often has a "sort of twitchy motion" !


    3. Weren't you here earlier today in some other posts talking about Britan? Now you're twitchy, really. Grow up punk.


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