Dogman Terrorizes Michigan Teens In Cabin

From the Fortean Slip comes this terrifying tale of a dogman that stalked some teenagers who were staying in a cabin in the backwoods of Michigan. Listen with the lights on.


  1. Damn that dogman. Can't stop him,only hope is to contain the beast

    1. Maybe you are like me, a salty peanut with big imagination and heart to go along with it. Keep those thoughts and letters coming !:)

      It's just me,

    2. Dogman is a Psychic manifestion of your "ANAL OBSSESIONS" Ricky!!
      Tee Hee!

      Joe :)

    3. Put that damn dog on a leash.

  2. DAWGMAN is on the hunt looking fer game

  3. The drinking age was 18 until 1986 and the story purports to take place 69-70. Should have been passing myself off as 18 or leave that part out. The story immediately sounds fake because of this detail but the cryptid parts are great.


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