Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creepy Urban Legend From Texas Might Be True

Not all urban legends are true, but some of them are at least based on true stories. This one from Texas is really creepy, but is supposedly based on real events. Check it out:

Urban legends are usually just that – legends. But sometimes, grim as it may be, they’re true. Passed down from generation to generation, maybe getting slightly skewed, they still retain some degree of validity.

Maybe that’s what happened with this chilling story of a love triangle gone wrong near the Frio River in Texas. Nobody will ever know what really happened, but you can get an idea by reading about it. That is, if you’re brave enough…

Over a century ago, in the community surrounding the Frio River, there were two sisters whose last name was Juarez. The youngest was Maria, and she is who this grim story is about.

Maria wished nothing more than to have what her sister did in life: a man who loved her and several beautiful children. Her wish almost came true when she caught the eye of a handsome cowboy named Anselmo, however, the relationship was short-lived and came to a tragic end.

For the whole story, click here. 


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