Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cowboy Tells Story About The Mask Of Bigfoot

From youtube user Lazerlou

Master cowboy storyteller, Kent Seeley, tells the story of a Bigfoot mask, a full moon, and a camp full of boys.


  1. Gee Bullwinkle! I didn't know I'd have to take all my clothes off1

  2. Since the 60s ended a pretty long time ago the authorities in Frostbite Falls have instituted a no moose/squirrel fraternization rule.

    Molest a squirrel on the campus of Whatsamatta U. or in Frostbite Falls proper and you are going to jail for a very long time.

    Minnesota jails are going to be full of Canadians I expect. The jailers should give them the opportunity to take classes to learn how to properly prepare bacon. You have to fix the small things first.

  3. Oh God! I just drank a stink bug! Must have flown into mt Budweiser!