Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bigfoot Photo Of The Day

After seeing this photo, bigfoot researchers will be changing all of their baiting stations from peanut butter to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

source: Brent Hayden


  1. Teacher: What does your daddy do for fun at home when he's not working ?

    Kid : He looks up Bigfoot stuff.

    Teacher: Oh.

    Kid : He posts about it on a bunch of different websites and he also watches Bigfoot shows and has some books about it.

    Teacher: So he's a footer ?

    Kid : No, he says he's not like those idiots cuz he's a skeptic.

    Teacher: Sure he is.. LOL

    Kid: Mommy doesn't believe him either...(giggles)

    1. I would rethink your vocabulary Joe. You use alot of very suspect language for a supposed male. For instance you often refer to other males as "darling". Use phrases such as "Lol's", "giggles", "deary", etc. If you are a heterosexual male then i highly suggest that you learn how to talk straight Joe.

      Concerned Parent

    2. Learn to read properly, you homophobic throwback. I'm mildly taken a back at how allegedly concerned you are when you were so obviously raised by tramps.

      Concerned human being.

  2. When a friend falls down and needs a hand, a friend doesnt stand over them and say "its ok to fall down", they help him up. Nor does a friend affirm a homosexual or a gender confused friend for the same reason. They need help. Help them, dont mock them! Be a good human. They need help people !

  3. Joey actually thinks this $hit is real!

    1. You doubt Bigfoot likes fried chicken? only a damned fool would think he doesnt. Who doesnt like fried chicken?

  4. KFC ?

    I guess we do have things in common after all