Bigfoot On The Family Farm

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

Visit us at! Tonight we speak to a listener who grew up on a farm. Over several weeks he noticed animals that either came up missing or had their necks broke. The family had no idea what was killing their animals until one day he came across a Sasquatch while he was pickng berries. The encounter changed his life.


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    1. You know, first used to be a big deal, when people actually came to this site, let's just run a Matthew Johnson story again

    2. Matt summons BF telepathically if he burns certain aroma therapy candles while in the bathtub, verbena I think.

      They are telling him that we are killing them off with... wait for it... global warming.

      Apparently they want the vote, EBT cards, FEMA trailers and medical marijuana. They say they are *already* citizens because they were sort of here first.

      No need to go into the field. Just pick up the right candles at the store.

    3. Bigfoots look at bird eggs as an easy meal. I have video of one reaching into a nest that I'm going to post on YouTube.

    4. ..A post about yet another podcast
      droning on about yet another unsubstantiated story accompanied by a hoary drawing illustrating the events of an unsubstantiated story
      does not get the competitive juices flowing...Maybe Melba will attempt to rob everyone again...That would
      get The Mayor and Poop in a Jar Guy
      out of retirement....


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