Friday, June 17, 2016

Bigfoot and Laser Beams

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:
Strange Bigfoot encounter and Purple laser beam near Military base
John had a encounter with a Sasquatch in Massachusetts and ten minutes later saw a laser beam that left him puzzled about the whole experience. The Bigfoot was sneaking in a field near John and a few friends and when they saw this huge animal they ran in terror. Did this purple laser they saw ten minutes later have anything to do with the Bigfoot or the Military base near by.


  1. It's odd how Bigfoot is the only fringe topic where its "skeptics" are more DEMENTED and obsessed than its "believers".

    1. Oh, you can say that again!

    2. I liked sexy blokes who are demented!


    3. So just how does this piece of "news" give support for the existence of bigfoot ?

      It doesn`t and is simply evidence of Joe`s delusion and adherence to fantasy ideas.

  2. So Joe is now admitting that he is a blog admin? Check the last few threads. Apparently he has finally given up the charade.