Monday, May 30, 2016

Witness Runs Into A Bigfoot, Literally

From the Sasquatch Chronicles youtube page:

Its a double hitter weekend! I am working on getting this show into a YouTube format for you guys. I should have this post updated by tomorrow with it! Have a great weekend! A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your show. Not really sure I wanted to put this out there but back starting in 1998 my family and I had 2 years of problems on our property in Northern Florida culminating with me actually running right into a Skunk Ape. Message me if you’d like to hear my story.” The witness describes different problems they had on the property, everything from the house being slapped to something screaming at the house on almost a nightly basis. Everything changed the night he ran into the creature…literally.


  1. "it’s a sociological phenomenon, not a zoological one"

    1. What is, Dogman Evidence?

    2. I'd fancy a site called Dongman Evidence !


    3. Funny, you haven't mentioned that on Dogman Evidence.

    4. That statement doesn't demonstrate how this topic is a sociological phenomenon, not a zoological one... Words are wonderful, it's scientific data that makes the world go around. You'd think a group of people so obsessed with this topic would have better data, eh?

    5. 1200, your statement adds to the sociological data, not to the zoological data.